Where Carnsight comes from

carn-brea view

Carnsight comes from the Cornish and means the sight of the Carn or hill, in this case Carn Brea which is one of the most westerly hills in Britain. Our logo, designed by the brilliant Kerry Bathfield, is based on stones piled at Carn Brea.

Jessica grew up on the North Cornish coast, and it’s a place that’s very close to her heart.

Cornwall is also where she developed her love of writing, starting with short stories and poems. As her parents still live there she’s been known to take her laptop down to work with a view as well as writing blog posts for her parenting blog, newmumblings.com

Jessica left Cornwall to study English at Bristol University then spent time in Sardinia before settling in London for 15 years. In early 2016 she moved west again to the Bath area with her family. There Carnsight Communications was born.