What people say

Jess is an outstanding PR consultant who has a perfect blend of great strategic insight and the ability to seize the day and make things happen in interesting and creative ways. I felt like she was completely in tune with my overall approach, but always challenging and bringing new ideas to the table. She is a very good PR partner and I would recommend her very highly.
Cheryl Giovannoni, Chief Executive, GDST

Jess is one of kind. It’s hard to imagine anyone could match her eye for the perfect opportunity, her ability to pitch or her pithy feedback and direction. She makes getting coverage seem effortless and the experience for her clients is seamless, super slick and always fun. Her strategy is always on point and equally she is not afraid to chase a wild card so what she delivers is fresh, exciting and different as well as effective. The perfect PR partner for an entrepreneur.
Emma Jefferys, Action Woman

Jess was a fantastic PR partner for Fetch and a pleasure to work with end to end. Smart and creatively focused, connected, and with a keen insight into the press and the mobile industry, she was driven to get results and executed our PR strategy brilliantly. I couldn’t recommend her more.
Kathleen Carter, Global Head of Marketing, Fetch

Charlton Nursery was a reluctant participant in social media, and when we finally took the plunge and were persuaded by Jess to get involved, we wondered why we hadn’t done so years ago! Jess delivered an incredibly relevant, sector specific  and interesting seminar to our social media representatives in our business and the three nurseries, having heeded Jess’s advice about what and when to post, took to Facebook with incredible enthusiasm. The results were extraordinary; we saw a 1,000% increase in activity in the week after the training was delivered by Jess. Activity levels have continued to be significantly  increased on our previous levels, and crucially this has translated into a 15% increase in fee income since we started working with Jess. She has been a huge asset to our business and we value her input on a wide range of issues that we have faced since starting working with Jess six months ago.

Helen Nott, CEO and Co-Founder, Charlton Nursery Ltd

Jess has shown such professionalism and expertise whist working with Helen Baker Home. She has an in-depth understanding of the PR and marketing industry that enabled us to get the exposure we were looking for. Jess quickly grasped what we needed and was able to communicate her ideas and strategy in a clear and efficient way. I highly recommend her and Carnsight Communications.
Helen Baker, Founder, Helen Baker Home

I worked with Jess originally in 2008, when we were both at Craik Jones and she is a joy. Over the subsequent six years I worked with her again on two separate occasions and would have no hesitation in working with her again. She’s a brilliant account handler who always helps her clients punch above their weight.
Mike Welsh, Founder, Mike Welsh Consulting

Jess is brilliant – super bright, articulate, clever, funny, hard working: having Jess on your team is a big big plus. As Jess has worked in the industry for years and agency side she just gets it. She understands big ideas, is passionate about great thinking and creative and knows measurement and evaluation better than anyone.
Matthew Brown, Managing Partner, The Brooklyn Brothers

As a key representative of the PR company she was working for, Jess was the best account manager I had the privilege of working alongside. She was consistently full of new and different ideas which ultimately allowed our business to move to the number one spot and also agency of the year, in the same year! Without Jess this would not have happened. Jess totally ‘got under the skin’ of our agency and our discipline meaning she was able to bring a wealth of ideas that really drove our reputation in the right direction. I wish Jess all the very best in her new ventures and do not doubt for one minute her success.
Geri Richards, Chief Customer Officer, Result Marketing Group